Ask the Experts: I always take my vitamin supplement with my morning tea, is this wrong?


Q: It’s my job to consider my supplements with my morning hours teas. The good news is I pick up that green tea is able to keep some nutritional vitamins from being soaked up. Are these claims genuine? Maggie, 40

African american green tea can prevent the ingestion of iron, that is a big problem for a lot of girls. Most of the time, caffeine is certainly not best for the check of the gastric acid, rendering it tougher to absorb crucial mineral deposits like flat iron and calcium mineral, along with vitamin B12, insufficient which lowers metal intake too. Really do not switch the signal from java, although, since which prevents iron, the mineral magnesium and potassium. Consider a good-top quality green tea herb if you need something to impose a fee up first thing, or even a much more soothing herbal tea including ‘ lemon ‘ balm in case your morning could use a serving of peaceful. If you think your stomach has suffered with an over dose of coffee, get a detoxification teas like A Vogel Fantastic Rod and Knotgrass (£4.fifty nine,

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